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SIGDIAL/SEMDIAL 2017 Special Session on Negotiation Dialog

SIGDIAL/SEMDIAL 2017 Joint Session on Negotiation Dialog


Most of the work to date on spoken dialog systems has focused on task-oriented dialog, where the goal of the system is to help the user complete a task, such as finding and booking a flight, a restaurant or a hotel. This type of dialog is typically modelled with an underlying frame with slots that need to be filled, in order for the system to have enough information to provide the user with the information that they seek, or to complete a transaction on behalf of the user, such as booking a flight.

However there has been less effort on dialog interactions where the dialog partners have individual, perhaps private, and potentially conflicting, task and social goals. We call dialogs with these properties negotiation dialogs. In these types of dialogs, the conversation typically revolves around abstract objects representing the conversants’ opinions, thoughts, needs or desires, rather than concrete entities that can be easily represented as frames and slots.

Negotiation dialogs show one or more of the following characteristics that makes them distinct from traditional dialogs:

Objectives of the Special Session

Our objectives in this special session are two-fold: first, to encourage discussion among researchers working on or interested in working negotiation dialog; and second, to set the stage and establish a planning committee for a 2018 shared task on negotiation dialog.

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